Wild salmon, steelhead and Pacific lamprey are dying by the thousands due to four outdated dams on the lower Snake River—dams that cost taxpayers millions to maintain and repair.

The time is now to remove these outdated, deadbeat dams, and we need your help in getting elected leaders to hear this message.

Earlier this summer, millions of people around the world watched as Tahlequah (J35) bore her lifeless calf for 17 days through the waters of the Salish Sea in a tragic, public display of mourning. In the Pacific Northwest, Southern Resident orcas are critically in danger of extinction due primarily to a lack of sufficient prey - chinook salmon. This population is in crisis – just 75 individual whales remain.


Washington State Governor Jay Inslee has a pivotal role to play. To protect orca from extinction, we must urgently rebuild healthy chinook salmon populations in local marine waters. And while these orca depend on salmon from several river systems in the U.S. and British Columbia, the Columbia-Snake River Basin has an essential piece of the puzzle given its historic productivity, large remaining areas of pristine habitat and excellent restoration potential.

Our two most effective actions to rebuild large numbers of chinook salmon in the Columbia Basin: (1) increase 'spill' at federal dams during the juvenile salmon out-migration and (2) restoration of a free-flowing lower Snake River by removing its four costly, deadly dams.

There is no time to waste. With political leadership in the Northwest, we can increase spring 'spill' to increase salmon survival and adult returns starting in 2019 and begin work in 2018 with sovereigns and stakeholders to develop a plan that restores the lower Snake River and responsibly transitions affected communities.


Call and write Washington State Governor Jay Inslee today. Ask him to act quickly to (1) increase 'spill' in time for the 2019 salmon migration and (2) begin work with Northwest policymakers, sovereigns and stakeholders to craft a plan to restore the lower Snake River by removing its four costly dams.

Call Gov. Inslee's office during business hours here: 360-902-4111. 

Click Here to speak up for Orcas.


A destructive bill—H.R. 3144—that has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives would ultimately thwart efforts to protect endangered wild salmon, hinder development of a more efficient and reliable power system, and risk raising power rates in the region.

With many steelhead and salmon populations seeing some of their lowest returns in years, the decision to remove the dams is becoming inevitable. Last year over 400,000 concerned individuals flooded federal agencies with comments calling for the removal of these four costly dams on the lower Snake River, but the lawmakers behind this bill are attempting to silence our voices.

Don’t let your voice be silenced. Speak up once again and support the movement to free the lower Snake River.

Returning the lower Snake River to a free-flowing state has tremendous potential to rejuvenate the region’s economy, revitalize its culture and heritage, restore wild salmon populations and the greater river ecosystem…and save taxpayers billions!

Act now and tell your elected representatives to reject H.R. 3144 and demand real action to save wild salmon.

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